CSC Minutes 9/17/18

CSC Minutes 9/17/18
September 17, 2018 GWHS


Henry Waldstreicher, Andrew Schwartz Lucca Raabe, Ron Sherman, Eric Sherman, Laurie Buchanan, Julianna Evans, Jennifer Harkness Quintana, Kristin Waters, Jay Clapper, Adam Haynes, Mike Wilde, Jon Collins, Kitty Hook


  1. Welcome, Introductions – K. Waters, Principal


  1. Celebrations
  • Start of the year has gone well, 341 Freshman, 276 Sophomores, 273 Juniors , 277 Seniors 1169 total
  • good upperclassmen involvement in freshman academy
  • We have 364 students with perfect attendance, best in the district
  • 16 Athletes with 1 were able to make the grade up before the game and play
  • Religious Holidays and medical emergencies/family emergencies create a mindfulness about absences, time can be made up, the goal is to maintain academic success, the goal is incentivizing attendance to class


  1. Role and Responsibilities of the CSC – K. Waters
    1. New Members
  • Jon Collins, Laurie Buchanan
    1. Election of Officers
  • All seniors are co-presidents (Lucca, Henry, and Eric)


  1. Constituency Reports
    1. Students
  • The AC still doesn’t work everywhere (specifically the 3rd floor and the basement)
    1. Parents
  • FAFSA and back to school night being at the same time
    1. Staff
  • Deciding when parent teacher conferences will be this fall
    1. Community
  • A lot of people really want to come to George


  1. Principal Report – K. Waters
    1. Enrollment, Budget, Staffing
  • The budget is coming in as projected, not making any cuts, extra budget for a community-parent liaison (outreach and create a welcoming environment for families) and assistant principal
  • We will be having a time out room/ in-school suspension room for students who need a break from the class room, will run through the discipline office, working to get Mr. Jones to do that part-time
  • 91% of the budget goes towards salaries, we do not fund facilities staff or coaching staff
  • Fall adjustment includes changes like teacher leadership, social studies curriculum, career connect, and carry forward
    1. Facility Updates
      1. The controls are off site, not allowed to manage
      2. The air-conditioning system is, however, working!
  • With downs have all been redone, fixing some of the gaps between rooms, working weekends and evenings, getting the new window on the south side of the library this weekend
  1. Library is finished and generally loved by all students!
  2. Lockerrooms are in the stage of rebuilding – estimated to be finished around October 1st
  3. Be Inspired committee raised money for computer tables along the pikes peak lobby windows and high stools, which were installed last Thursday
  • Lessard working to redo the showcase by the gym, and working diligently to repair the Greenhouse and make the space enjoyable and usable for all!
  1. Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)
    1. The focus of the CSC: making sure the budget is moving forward and making sure the student body is improving and growing
    2. The plan is threefold
      1. Academic Growth
      2. Eliminating Historical Barriers
      3. Increasing student ownership of personal academic growth and future planning
  • The idea is to use measurable markers which can be tracked to see whether the school is making an impact. These data measurements include
    1. Attendance rates
    2. PSAT9 Scores
    3. On-track to graduate rate
    4. Student demographics in honors classes
    5. Demographic patters as they apply to referrals and discipline
    6. “F” rate amongst student athletes
    7. AP exam pass rates
    8. ICAP completion
    9. Schoology use
    10. Graduation rate
  1. New Grading system has shown homogeneity across classrooms and been successful in enabling students to identify necessary areas of improvement and maintaining consistent gradebooks class to class


  1. Discussion Items
    1. Old Business
    2. New Business
      1. Has “One George” been effective? Should a program be implemented to identify microaggressions across classrooms and the school
        1. Using the mentor program to facilitate an open conversation in order to better understand how the racial divide manifests and what steps can be taken to bridge it
      2. Jay Clapper is the P3 and Be Inspired liaison
  • Kitty hook is the liaison to the GW IB Foundation


  1. Set Agenda for Next Meeting


  1. 2018-2019 Meeting Schedule