CSC Minutes 9/26/16

CSC Minutes 9/26/16
November 7, 2016 GWHS


Ron Sherman, Jennifer Harkness-Quines, Stephen Arichea, Jay Clapper, Mary-Jo Minogue, Scott Lessard, Kathryn Swan, Kevin Vicente, Kittie Hook, Jake Fisher, and Isabel Maestes.




Start: 4:31pm
  • Agenda handed out
Action Items
  • Kathryn and Bryn may be co-chairs. Answer will be solidified next time we meet. Jay will be interim chair till the decision and will help if they accept through the year
  • We are moving our meeting from the 31st of October to the 24th due to Halloween & StuCo activities
    UIP plan (Unified Improvement Plan)
  • 3 major improvement strategies
  • Increasing academic
  • College readiness
  • Community engagement
  • Put together rough draft at next meeting for our priorities
  • CSC is a compliance piece for DPS
  • Budget
  • CSC Guidelines
  • Any changes must be approved by the Superintendent
  • CSC Decision making process
  • Encompassing a holistic vision for the school (all groups recognized, different perspective)
  • Willingness to disagree but we come to a consensus
  • We can all voice our opinions without being hostile or judged
  • While this is a public meeting, it’s okay to disagree
  • We are transparent- we make clear what our aims are for each meeting
  • We can easily move on from topics, we are organized and focused
  • CSC does an evaluation of Mr. Lessard and the board as a whole (high level integrity and effectiveness)
  • Invite IB Foundation Board and Proud Patriot Parents to meetings in an effort to connect on a monthly basis
  • Jay & Kittie are members of both so we will check in with them each month
  • There is a new Board President of IB Foundation- we will remind him to look at the monthly minutes so that they’re involved in what’s going on at GW
  • CONFIRMED: next CSC meeting is 4:30 on October 24th

Discussion Items


  • Missing some members of the CSC
  • Mary Jo is the community member as her daughter has graduated
  • Two new parents- Ron & Adam
  • Kittie Hook will search for another parent
  • In need of Clerical member
  • However, faculty members can represent clerical
  • We as a CSC represent every group as we have the interest of GW as a whole
  • Could talk to Ray (custodian) and see if one of the night crew members would be interested but we don’t want to mandate anyone to be here
  • All meetings are open to the public
  • We are committed to hearing everyone and listening to every perspective
  • If anyone would like to come observe or participate in the CSC meetings, they are able to
  • Copy of agenda will be publicly posted
  • Minutes of meeting will be publicly available
  • New member Isabelle Maestas
  • From Student Council (StuCo has to have a representative on the CSC)
  • We have 2 more juniors who want to be on the board & applied to be on the board
  • Are we open to having more students? YES
  • They must participate and be here consistently
  • Mary Lane will reach out to remaining students who have expressed interest to let them know that they will be on the board
  • Do we want to look for sophomores? Should we extend 3 year term? → if so we should search in the traditional program. 3 year term can be decided in the future (most CSC members start as juniors so the 2 year term has stayed in place but it could be changed if need be)
  • Counseling Department
  • We lost Ms. Cassidy as she moved
  • Easy solution: hire new counselor
  • HOWEVER the past trend has been a lack of college advisement
  • Align counseling department to meet the needs of students more effectively especially in terms of college counseling which is why Lessard hasn’t automatically hired a new counselor
  • He’s met with many people and has posted for a temporary college advisement position
  • College counseling really starts in 11th & 12th grade so 9th grade advisory teachers working as quasi counselors for freshmen in order to develop pathway
  • Teachers being used to communicate responsibilities to 10th graders
  • Looking at 1 counselor for 300 kids, the caseload becomes massive so the selection process/actual advisement process is tedious
  • We have 2 members of psych/social work team everyday to help kids → send long term issues to them
  • If a student isn’t getting their needs met, they should email Lessard to figure out a plan & get other people involved
  • Temp position will be working with Daylisha Reid in the Future Center
  • Daylisha & a 2 day person helps w college
  • What will happen to students who had Ms. Cassidy?
  • For scheduling & other issues: Ms. Lavizzo/other counselors
  • For college advisement: Daylisha & temp position
  • New vision:
    • We want to prepare students and meet the needs of students
    • We want to widen perspectives from day to day all the way to future
  • Shift to have 2 people to take care of scheduling and have the other counselors be mainly focused on college readiness
  • Temp position isn’t actually temporary, we just want to find the right person
  • Do we want to have schedules fill the emotional/supportive aspect of a counselor’s job and have separate college readiness or have the college advisement be combined with support to make them counselor and separate scheduling?
  • Committee agreement to move away from this subject bc it’s a proposal so we will revisit this topic at a different meeting since it’s so important
  • Counseling Department as of NOW
  • What we need to think about: what happens when there’s an attendance issue, student conflict-resolution, homeless students? Numerous different factors a counselor must take care of
  • What are we doing to support our kids for this year? The counseling department is now separate from social work so we need to think about how to take care of student support this year
  • We should reach out to GW community to let them know about counselor situation
  • Senior talked about their experience with counselors
Next steps:
  • We need to reach out to students, teachers, parents
  • Present this issue to the community and ask what we can do NOW in order to ameliorate the current circumstance
  • We want kids to want to come back
  • We want support to be thoughtful
  • Increased communication
  • Main question: how do we support kids every step of the way?
  • We need to evaluate who we want to hire for the temporary position: counselor or college readiness person?
  • Ms. Cassidy could be contracted to do all of the scheduling for a set amount of money and it all could be done online → future discussion topic
  • Will the needs of juniors & seniors THIS YEAR be met? As best as they can be
  • Department Budget Requests
  • Core curriculum is supported on an ongoing basis
  • SLT (school leadership team) meeting → told to bring a list of what is needed and the group decides what how the money should be allocated
  • Question: is this reasonable? Is it okay for SLT to decide how their departments money is spent?
  • Committee consensus: yes
  • It is up to teachers (and their department reps) to decide how to spend money
  • We don’t want teachers to feel like they’ve been compromised
  • If we have a vision and can sell it to peers, we can work with it → creates accountability, trust, and builds a team (all One George values)
  • Have department budgets been divided for this year? No, not yet
  • Lessard has meeting w/ SLT on Wednesday 9/28 and has told them to come with a list of what they need (expecting that they have analyzed their numbers)
  • Employee of the Month
  • Parent or student should present it at faculty meeting
  • Follow up w Barbara Chin in regards to the selection process
  • GW Budget Forms handed out by Lessard (will be attached)
  • Breakdown of departments (a lot comes from district funds such as Mill Levy)
  • Money can be moved around
  • General fund money will need to be prioritized
  • District funding ratio: $450 per student
  • Ms. Vigil is new treasurer, we will need to keep in contact with her6:06
  • DPS Budget
  • Ask how our formula is made
  • Revisit from last year
  • Differentiation between us and East → is it just population?
  • Perhaps we should send an email (5th request in 3 years) and ask about final clarification




October 24, 2016