GW Culture Fest

Our Mission

George Washington High School advances all learners' academic and interpersonal skills through empowering productive members of a global society, actively engaging in innovating and world-changing pursuits, and preparing for success in high school, college, and career. 

To honor our diverse community, George Washington is organizing a Cultural Heritage Celebration, scheduled for April 12, 2018. Scroll down for updates on our calls for community participation!

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Sherman ( or Michelle Jensen (, or stop by the GW Library.

Join the Fashion Show

In addition to other entertainment, we are planning on hosting a fashion show featuring clothing from all over the world, both traditional and modern. We’re looking for models to bring outfits and walk the runway! Sign up to participate using the form HERE.


Host a Booth

We would like to feature booths representing our students’ many countries of origin. We are seeking members of the GW community who would like to host booths celebrating the food, fashion, and culture of their countries and communities.

Booth Requirements
– Display your country’s name
– Make a poster with information you would like others to know about your country
– Display any objects you would like to represent your country: art, textiles, pop culture, etc
– If possible, dress in clothing that reflects your country’s fashion, either historical or modern

Food Requirements
– Prepare two dishes that can be divided into small servings to give to guests
– Please make sure to display the name of each dish and include a list of ingredients, as some guests may have allergy and dietary restrictions

We Will Provide:
– A table and chairs
– Plates and utensils for dividing up your booth’s food

If you’d like to participate in Culture Fest by hosting a booth, please fill out the form HERE.