Emergency Drills

Emergency Drills
January 28, 2016 GWHS

Yesterday we informed you of a lockout that occurred at GW after school had been released for the day. The Denver Public Schools Safety and Security Office initiated the lockout after receiving information from Denver Police. They were able to quickly identify that there was no threat to our students and the lockout was lifted shortly thereafter.

I want to take a moment to review the different security procedures we have in place and hopefully answer a few of your questions.

We are required by the district to practice four types of emergency drills every semester. These are:

Complete evacuation of the building in case of a fire or other similar danger.

This is used in case of a tornado. We move all students and staff into the hallways and away from windows and sit with our backs to the wall.

This is when there is a perceived threat in close proximity to our school. We lock all exterior doors and no one is permitted to enter or exit our building. Business proceeds as normal inside the school.

This occurs when there is a perceived threat inside our building. We teach our students and staff “Lights, Locks, Out of Sight” – which means that all classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off, and students and staff are moved out of sight.

I hope that this clarification answered your questions. We always appreciate and welcome your feedback.


José Martinez | Principal
George Washington High School