Prospective Students

Our Mission

George Washington High School advances all learners' academic and interpersonal skills through empowering productive members of a global society, actively engaging in innovating and world-changing pursuits, and preparing for success in high school, college, and career. 

Opportunities for Prospective Students

Welcome! We are excited that you are considering George for your high school years. We encourage you to explore our website fully to learn about our academic programs, athletics, clubs, and other exciting opportunities for students.

When you are ready for more we invite to come visit! Below we have outlined the opportunities available to both students and parents to visit our school and get a feel for what life is like at George.

Fall 2019 Shadowing will open for registration on August 30 at 10:00am.

Shadowing is a great way for current 8th graders to get a feel for our school. On the day you are scheduled to shadow, you should arrive to the school at 8:00am and head to the Security Desk in the North Lobby. Parents, this is where you will say goodbye for the day (check out our Prospective Parent Coffees for something just for you!). Students will be greeted by one of our Student Ambassadors and they will walk you over to our Hall of Fame Room.

While you are waiting for your 9th grade host to pick you up you will have a chance meet other students who are shadowing that day as well as talk to some of our current students. Mrs. Richason will also go over how the school day works and answer any questions you may have before your shadowing experience begins.

At 8:20, our 9th graders will arrive to pick you up. Once you have met your host you’ll head to 2nd Period with them. After 4th Period it’s time for lunch. Lunch is a chance for 9th graders to take a break from the school day, meet up with friends, or maybe attend a club meeting. Underclassmen are not allowed off campus, but if the weather is nice your host might opt to sit outside. Feel free to pack your lunch or bring money to buy lunch – your host will show you the cafeteria no matter what! When lunch is over it’s time for you to head home (or back to school!)

At 11:55am, after lunch, your host will bring you back to the North Lobby where your parent can pick you up at 11:55am.

Tips for your Shadow Day

    • Bring a book, schoolwork, or something else to keep you occupied during classes. It is important to remember that you are just getting a snapshot of what a day is like at George and that might mean that a class is taking a test, completing readings, or studying for an exam. Just remember that a shadow day isn’t meant to entertain you. Instead a shadow day gives you a chance to be immersed in GW’s environment.
    • Ask your host questions!
    • Get involved in class! You are a GW student for the day.


October 30, 2019 | 8:00am
December 4, 2019 | 8:00am
February 5, 2020 | 8:00am

Registration: Please RSVP for the date you’ll be attending below. Parents, we know you have lots of questions! We would like to invite you to meet current GW parents to hear about their experiences at George. This informal meeting is a chance for you to ask both parents and staff members specific questions about George. Curious about the different levels of courses offered? Ask! Curious about what parents think of George? Ask! Just here for the coffee? Come on in!

Check back soon for 2019-2020 dates!

Registration: No RSVP required.

Parents and students, come learn about our academic programs, take a tour, meet the Principal, and explore electives. GW’s open houses are a whirlwind tour of everything George has to offer! These self-guided nights will have a variety of breakout sessions to attend as well as an electives fair and a chance to meet GW’s Student Ambassadors.