GW Greenhouse

GW Greenhouse
October 22, 2015 GWHS

GW Greenhouse

The District has asked that we show support from our community for the revitalization of the greenhouse. Can you please help out these motivated students by reading their plan below and then clicking HERE to sign your name in support?

Project Proposal | October 21, 2015

Below we have compiled all of the relevant information about the George Washington High School greenhouse, as well as our exact proposal.


Performance of an itemized and prioritized diagnostic report of the George Washington greenhouse by DPS facilities to understand necessary repairs.


We as students have been involved in the greenhouse for four years now. Starting in greenhouse club as freshmen, we were interested in realizing the full potential of the greenhouse seeing as it had never been functional to the standard we had hoped for. This led some students to take on a renovation of the greenhouse as their IB CAS Project.

Last year, some remodeling was done on the adjoining science classrooms. In the process of construction however, the greenhouse was left in significantly poorer condition than it was beforehand. All of our gardening supplies were either taken away, or thrown away, by the subcontracted construction company.

This is in addition to preexisting difficulties with the greenhouse heating and cooling system, including a broken roof ventilation motor and thermostat, and malfunctioning evaporative coolers.


In this project, we intend to make the greenhouse functioning and easily usable for all interested parties. Due to the aforementioned construction in the greenhouse, we will need to fix the swamp coolers, the roof ventilation motor, and install a drip irrigation system, along with the purchase of gardening supplies that are necessary for the continued use of the greenhouse. Fixing this will require help and funding from DPS contractors, DPS student parents, and George Washington Alumni. However it will also require a full, itemized, prioritized diagnostic of the repairs needed in the greenhouse performed by someone contracted through DPS.

Budget (Preliminary):


Item Cost Priority
100 ft of Drip Hose $31 Medium
Drip pressure regulator $20 Medium
Spade $15 Low
5 Hand shovels $25 Low
Pitchfork $35 Low
10 bags of seeds $30 Low
Compost Bin $40 Low-Medium
Swamp Cooler TBD High
Roof Ventilation Motor TBD Very High
Fix Thermostat TBD High
Window Panel Repairs TBD Very High
Water System TBD High
Contractor Diagnostic TBD #1 Importance
Total: TBD


Source Amount
McDonald’s Grant $500
Former Student Contribution $2,500
Community Fundraising TBD
Alumni TBD
Current Student Fundraising In progress (TBD)
Total: TBD


Interested Parties:

George Washington IB Students

The IB students would make use of the available plant growing space for experimentation in the classroom and in order to expand their knowledge in the natural sciences. In addition, they may be interested in volunteering in the greenhouse.

George’s Resources Our World (GROW)Club

Students in the greenhouse club can pursue their interests in botany and horticulture, through a functioning greenhouse. We have found tending to plants to be an interesting and worthwhile activity, and so have many others in the school. A functioning greenhouse will facilitate these students pursuing that passion

George Washington Cafeteria (DPS Garden to Cafeteria Program)

An increased quantity and variety of foods would allow for a more diverse selection of fresh, locally grown produce available for school lunches. However we also discussed preparing seedlings for other DPS schools so that they too can participate in the garden to cafeteria program

George Washington General Ed

As with IB students, General Education students would be available to use the greenhouse as an educational resource.

George Washington Special Ed

Special Education students would have access to a greater variety of foods for their home economics classes as well as be able to learn gardening activities affording them future job skills.

Local Community

There are parents interested in use of the space as well as potential programs for younger kids, including a partnership with the Denver Green School. In addition, a good portion of our funding could come from this sector. Having the greenhouse/ community garden space available would be a great contribution.



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