GW Student Board Leads Design and Installation of New “One George” Mural

GW Student Board Leads Design and Installation of New “One George” Mural
March 12, 2021 GWHS

As GW students and staff return to the school after a long absence, they will be greeted with a recently completed makeover of the North Lobby, featuring the new mural, “One George.”

The project, led by GW Student Board of Education members Mia Walters, Abielle Alemayehu, Lauren Walters, Charlie Welch, Ethan Schnur, Ethan Carter, Charlotte McHughs and Teona Bones, was the culmination of students wanting something bright and fun to welcome people into the building.

Working with artists Johnny Draco and Amy Johnson of Realize, the student leaders chose the “One George” phrase to highlight the direction of our school and how we are all part of the community, according to Richard Maez, GW’s Student Board of Education faculty representative. Additionally, the geometric shapes are a nod to the outdoor mural found in the south courtyard.

The Student Board of Education works to identify issues and create solutions within the GW community. In fall 2019, the Student Board team identified student belonging and value as their main issue, with a focus on how students feel within the physical walls of GW. They came up with the idea of painting the interior of the building and creating a mural in the north lobby. They presented their idea to Dr. Waters, who referred them to the Be Inspired fundraising committee.

The students created two presentations for the Be Inspired funding group, and a decision was made to donate $10,000 to the project. Over the next year, the students worked with the artists to create multiple designs before seeking input from the wider school community.

Junior and senior student board members shared their reactions to the project:

“Finding the right artist and the right design was worth the effort,” said Charlotte McHughs.

“Being patient and waiting for the best result was what we needed,” said Mia Walters.

Abielle Alemayehu said, “It was very cool to be part of something that is permanent in the school.”

And Charlie Welch said, “It’s cool that students really do have an impact on our school and what goes on at GW. We are proud that we get to be part of the decision making process.”