GW Students Challenge Gender Narratives for Women’s Week

GW Students Challenge Gender Narratives for Women’s Week
April 26, 2018 GWHS

GW Students Challenge Gender Narratives for Women’s Week

This month at George, with the backdrop of the #MeToo movement as context, the school community participated in a series of important conversations. These activities challenged students to begin to deconstruct gender hierarchies, to critically analyze the messages given to them in the media about the power dynamics between men and women, and, in the spirit of International Women’s Day, to make a pledge to show respect for women each and every day.

The small group discussions around this topic took place in the library and were facilitated by Dr. Thandabantu Iverson, a PhD prepared feminist, and our school nurse, Omisola Ari. A final school-wide assembly was held at the end of the week to serve as the culmination of these discussions, an opportunity for students to ask questions, and a time for everyone in the GW community to sign the pledge. The assembly speeches were given by Professor Lisa Calderon, a scholar and activist, and Dr. Iverson.

Though these discussions were difficult at times, the students did a stellar job of engaging the issue in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. Each of our students made important connections between their daily conduct and choices and the way those choices either serve to perpetuate, or help to dismantle systems of gender oppression.