GW Students Travel to Ireland, Scotland, and England

GW Students Travel to Ireland, Scotland, and England
August 24, 2017 GWHS

GW Students Travel to Ireland, Scotland, and England

This summer, 13 GW students discovered that Ireland truly is the land of the green. The students traveled to Ireland, Scotland, and England, and a bit of Wales, looking to create lasting cultural connections through hands-on experiences. Our Patriots familiarized themselves with Irish culture; visited historical sites like the Blarney Castle in Cork, the city of Edinburgh, and Big Ben; and, by luck, participated in the Queen’s birthday celebration in London. They learned about the history and climate of Ireland and the impact of past feuding battles between the English, Irish, and Scots. These experiences helped broaden their perspectives on the world, enabling them to become global citizens, and their new knowledge – along with the luck they received from the Blarney stone – will carry them into the upcoming school year.

Interested in student travel? Next year’s summer trip has been set. Hong Kong, Beijing, Great Wall of China – you could be seeing the sights in China next summer! Click HERE for more info. Contact Ms. O’Ryan at for the upcoming meeting date, if you’re interested.




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