GWHS Speech and Debate Keeps Moving Onward and Upward!

GWHS Speech and Debate Keeps Moving Onward and Upward!
December 16, 2020 GWHS

Being the largest organization at GWHS, it has been a busy and yet again successful 2nd quarter for our 180-team members.

Some notable team statistics from Quarter 2:

  • Between September 1 and December 19 we have competed in 23 tournaments
  • 38 Novices became official members of the National Speech and Debate Association
  • 12 of our Competitors are Academic All-American Status
  • GW placed 7th at the Glenbrooks Tournament in Chicago
  • GW won the Mile High Tournament
  • GW is currently ranked 6th in the nation
  • GW remains ranked 1st in Colorado

These accomplishments are the result of so many individual student successes. It would be impossible to single out every one of these victories. However there are a few significant winners from our varsity junior and seniors that are noteworthy. In each event here are a few of our highlights from the past couple months:

Debate and Extemp Highlights:

  • Policy Debate: Senior Caelen Hilty and Junior Maria Cook placed 2nd at the Yale Invitational Tournament.
  • Lincoln Douglas: Junior Nick Hildebrand won the Phillipsburg Fall Classic and Junior Kalina Kulig was second at the Mile High Tournament.
  • Public Forum Debate: Seniors Maggie Piturro and Lily Clarke advanced to elimination rounds at the Bronx High School of Science Tournament and Seniors Nick Drewes and Luke Stratton were quarter finalists at the Mile High Tournament. Junior Remington White and Sophomore Will Ryan were Mile High semi-finalists
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Senior Min Jae Kwak won the Mile High Tournament; Senior Eli Valore-Caplan won the Smart Academy Showdown. Junior Nathan Tamkin was a finalist at the Glenbrooks Tournament.

Speech Event Highlights:

  • Drama: Senior Nalia Santiago Champion at the Mile High; Senior Sky Anderson placed 6th at the Mile High
  • Humor: Junior Sammie Armatas Champion at the Mile High; Senior Jaeden Hemmingsen placed 3rd at the Strive Prep Showdown
  • POI: Junior Sammie Armatas Champion at the Strive Prep Showdown; Junior Bea Kelly placed 5th at the Mile High
  • Info: Junior Kailey Sieja Champion at the Mile High; Junior Gabri Notov was a semi finalist at the Glenbrooks Tournament
  • Original Oratory: Senior Quinn Canova Champion at the Mile High, Senior Laine Ford placed 2nd at the Creek Classic
  • DUO: Senior Nalia Santiago and Junior Miles Dwyer placed 4th at the Raptor Rumble and Junior Isabella Leasure and Sophomore Halle Lowe placed 4th at the Creek Classic