HL Math Class Hosts Annual Casino Day

HL Math Class Hosts Annual Casino Day
February 27, 2017 GWHS

HL Math Class Hosts Annual Casino Day

Joe Bolz’s HL math students have been learning about the power of probability. To showcase their knowledge, they created their own games and calculated the probabilities, as well as the expected wins and losses, of those games. On Thursday, March 23, the class hosted Casino Day to test their predictions. Hundreds of students came to the library with their classes, or during off periods, to play the games and provide the HL math class with data for analysis. The day was fun for everyone involved, and gave students a chance to see how the math they’ve studied in school can apply to the world outside the classroom.

The math department plans to keep student engagement going with its annual Pi Day Celebration on Tuesday, March 14. The organizers are seeking volunteers to bake pies and/or help serve them to students as they spend the day doing pi-related activities; please contact Laurie Hipley at LHipley@comcast.net if you’d like to help.