IB Latino Association Hosts Luncheon for GW Staff

IB Latino Association Hosts Luncheon for GW Staff
November 15, 2017 GWHS

The faculty at George Washington High School came out to support students in the International Baccalaureate Latino Association (IBLA) by attending a luncheon on November 3. Students brought in homemade Mexican food, such as enchiladas, posole, and rice, as well as dessert. For drinks, students brought horchata (rice water), agua de jamaica (hibiscus), water, and soda. Many teachers and faculty bought tickets and stopped by, and students heard over and over how delicious the food was!

IBLA still has a number of ongoing fundraising activities, which help students receive materials they need. From previous fundraisers, they were able to purchase TI-84 graphing calculators , laptop computers, textbooks, and bus passes. They also sent seniors and their families on college visits.