IB Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

 The IB Diploma Program is a demanding, pre-university course of studies for highly motivated students. The curriculum is based on standards set by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in Switzerland and is in daily practice in more than 3,000 schools around the world. The goal of IB is to help students learn how to learn, analyze, and reach considered conclusions about society and the world in which we live.

Students applying to George Washington’s IB Diploma Program should be able to demonstrate the following:

  •  Intellectual curiosity and a strong aptitude for learning
  •  A successful academic record (enrollment in at least 3 honors classes, including honors English, with a 3.0 GPA or better*)
  •  A willingness to take academic risks and to reflect on the nature of knowledge
  •  An ability and willingness to undertake independent research
  •  An ability and willingness to undertake projects and activities that often involve community service
  •  Academic and personal integrity
  •  High School attendance in the 90th percentile*

*If you don’t meet the grade or attendance requirements but would like to be considered for admission, please contact the IB office to schedule a meeting.