IB Access & Inclusion

Access & Inclusion

The IB Diploma Program provides an international education where young people become better equipped to handle and manage the complexities of the world. The Diploma Program challenges students and prepares them for today’s rapidly evolving world with an emphasis on the development of skills rather than mere memorization of content, including effective communication and critical thinking. GW students have two options to participate in IB courses:

  • As a full Diploma student, you take six IB courses over your junior and senior years, and participate in the IB Core.
  • As an individual course student, you can take as many IB courses as you are comfortable with.

No matter which option you pick, GW students are expected to participate in all aspects of IB classes in which they enroll including IB internal assessments (occurring at various times throughout the course) and IB external assessments (occurring in May, at the conclusion of the course). All students have the option of completing the testing components in order to earn college credit.

GW does not require an application in order to participate in the full Diploma or individual courses.