January 7 Letter to Our Community

January 7 Letter to Our Community
January 7, 2021 GWHS

January 7, 2021 Letter to Our Community

Dear GW Community –

As educators we walk a fine line between engaging our students in meaningful discussions about current events, while not sharing our own political beliefs. We are asked to teach our students civics while not identifying right or wrong if it can be categorized as ideological preference. But these lines have become increasingly blurred in our society, and we can no longer stay silent or simply “create space” in the wake of yesterday’s insurrection. What is wrong is wrong.

What we witnessed yesterday was the result of white supremacy being given space to grow behind the veil of protection that political affiliations provide. But this insurrection was not a simple matter of Democratic versus Republican ideologies. It was an attack led by extremists who have been given a platform by the President of the United States.

Earlier this fall, our staff came together to create a video to support our students as they processed their anxiety leading up to the election. We shared the video in Community Learning Seminar, but stopped short of sending it to our entire community – rationalizing that it was a message “just for our students.” The reality is that we were allowing politics and the possibility of offending people to minimize our message that we are One George, and that together – and only together – we rise up.

We are sharing this video with you today as the message resonates even more this morning. Each time we have faced adversity at GW we have found strength in each other, in supporting our students, in our community. But know that there is no playbook, no lesson plan, no script to follow.  We believe in you, your goodness, your willingness to move forward and help our students and community do the same.  We will get through today, the next 13 days, the pandemic, the school year.  Together.  We are One George and I am grateful to have each and every one of you in our community.

We are Patriot Strong.

Kristin Waters, Ph.D. | Principal
George Washington High School