Library Policies


Be Respectful! Respect the books, respect the faculty, respect each other. It is the intention of the GW Library to provide you with a productive learning environment. We hope to maintain a space for you to read, research, study and constructively collaborate with your peers. In order to do this please respect the following policies:
  1. You must have a pass to use the library during class hours.
  2. If you wish to socialize, please move to a more appropriate venue
  3. Cell phones are for information gathering, study aid, homework support and quietly listening to music. If you need to make/take a call, please step into the hall. Please use headphones.
  4. Food is not allowed in the library. Drinks must have a secure lid. Food and open drink containers can be left on the red tray by the library doors. They can be picked up as you exit.
  5. Clean up after yourself – Push in chairs, throw away trash. Leave the library better than you found it.

Computer Use

Computers are for academic purposes. If you are using the computers for personal use and others are waiting, you may be asked to give up your spot. Do not tamper with the computer settings. Doing so will result in loss of privileges.


  • Print jobs cost 5 cents a page.
  • Print jobs are limited to 10 pages. Please ask if you have a larger print job.
  • The printer is not a copier. If you need multiple copies of the same page, please ask a teacher to help you with the copy machine.

Checking Out Books

Books can be checked out for three weeks and renewed once.  The checkout limit is 5 books.

  • If the GW library does not have the book you need, it can be requested from other DPS holding libraries.
  • Overdue fees are 25 cents per day once the three day grace period ends.
  • The lost book fee is a flat rate of $20.00 per book.
  • Unpaid library fines can result in a hold on your transcripts and/or diploma.

If you owe fines you have four options:

  1. You can pay them off in increments—Skip the Pepsi and pay a dollar toward your fine.
  2. You can work it off— Cleaning duty in the library pays $2.00 per hour in credit toward book fines
  3. Replace the book—Purchase a replacement copy of the lost/missing book and bring it into the librarian.
  4. Or pay the fines in full.