Life After George Volunteers Help GW Sophomores Reach Their Goals

Life After George Volunteers Help GW Sophomores Reach Their Goals
September 29, 2017 GWHS

Life After George Volunteers Help GW Sophomores Reach Their Goals

Last week, GW sophomores took Career Cluster Surveys as part of ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan), a state-wide program designed to help middle and high school students explore their post-secondary options. All grade levels participate in ICAP, but sophomores are in a special position as they start planning their coursework for the rest of their time at George. Upperclassmen have many different opportunities available to them, all of which are designed to support students as they work toward their goals after graduation, and sophomores need to be prepared to make informed decisions as they choose their classes.

The Class of 2020 is fortunate enough to have amazing support as they make their academic plans for the next few years. Headed by Martha Byers and Shelly Sibelius, 18 community volunteers in the Life After George program have trained specifically to help our sophomores plan courses of study that account for their post-secondary goals.

Volunteers joined students in their English classes this week to help walk them through their career surveys and answer any questions they had about the process. Next, they plan to meet with each member of our sophomore class individually to discuss their survey results, and how those results reflect their goals and aspirations. These one-on-one conversations will help students find classes that interest and excite them, and our sophomores will leave with information on how the courses they take in their next few years at George can help them achieve their goals in the future.

We’re grateful to our incredible Life After George volunteers:

Martha Byers
Shelly Sibelius
Lori Cookston
Pam Paulien
Elizabeth Sopher
Libby Neid
Sharon Kelly
Roxanna Witter
Robyn Frahm
Steve Brown
Jay Clapper
Cheryl Fleetwood
Anabel Adler
Caroline Portis
Lisa Warshafsky
Terri Learned
Debbie Frazier
Graham Ray