New School/Community Garden to be Built at GW

New School/Community Garden to be Built at GW
October 11, 2016 GWHS

GWHS is excited to announce the addition of a school/community vegetable garden on campus. Michael Buchenau, Executive Director of Denver Urban Gardens (DUG), met with Scott Lessard, the GWHS Grow Club, and the GWHS Grounds Committee this week and reported that he has secured funding to build a beautiful garden to benefit the school and surrounding community. The garden will be located just outside of the biology classrooms, in the walled area below the south courtyard, adjacent to the greenhouse.

With its proximity to the science classrooms, the garden is in the perfect location to be utilized as an outdoor science classroom. In conjunction with GW’s large greenhouse, this valuable addition will present endless opportunities for learning – including studies of botany, life-cycle, soil science, ecology, entomology, horticulture, agriculture, health and wellness, and more. Through the established DPS Garden to Cafeteria Program, produce from the school plots can be sold to supply the school cafeteria. In addition, a school-run farmer’s market could be developed, presenting wonderful opportunities for students interested in learning about business.

The garden, designed by Buchenau, will be built with supplies, tools and construction expertise provided by DUG. GWHS will provide volunteers to help on the scheduled construction days. The ADA accessible design is comprised of eighteen (18) individual garden plots, a tool shed, a compost area and multiple water spigots. Some of the plots will be designated as school plots, assigned for specific purposes including science class projects and Garden of Youth use, and the rest will be available for community gardeners to rent.

Planning for the garden is in the beginning stages, and we are actively looking for interested partners to help make this project a successful and valuable addition to the school. We need parents, students, neighbors, teachers, administrators and school staff who can provide input, expertise, organizational skills, or financial contributions towards this effort. If we work together, GW can create a powerful new asset that will benefit the school in many ways, and improve year by year.
If you are interested in helping, or would like additional information, please contact Lisa Emerson at More information about Denver Urban Gardens is available at their website.

Construction is slated for spring, 2017, and will take place over several community service work days. We anticipate that the bulk of the work will be done on Go Green Day, scheduled for Saturday April 15th, 2017. Mark your calendars now, and plan to join us for a fun day of building a great legacy for GW!