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What is One George?

One George is what we call our collaborative strategic planning process at GW. When we talk about strategic planning for GW, and the idea of One George, we are talking about examining our systems and structures and asking ourselves, “how is this impacting every single one of our students?”

Schools across the country are struggling to find the answer that eliminates the achievement gap. We know that we aren’t going to solve this in a year, in the next five years, or possibly the next decade. We do know, however, that as a community we can commit to asking ourselves at every turn, “are we meeting the needs of all students?”

This spring we are reviving the initial four action committees that came out of One George 2014 to examine what recommendations are working, where adjustments might be made and what new goals we want to create. Those committees are:

  • Distributive Leadership: We believe that ONE George has a leadership model that is driven by common values, consistency and excellence and supports distributed responsibilities that respects all members of the GW community
  • Intentional School Culture: We believe that an intentional culture fosters excellence, respect and unity by promoting spirit/engagement, ensuring equity and inclusion, building stronger systems for recognition and community building, and creating a more welcoming school environment.
  • Patriot Pathways: We believe in 21st Century Pathways that prepare ALL students to be competitive in a diverse and global society.
  • Student Centered Learning and Supports: We believe in student centered learning where each students’ interests, abilities, goals, and learning styles drive the educational process, pathways, and measures of success.

Why One George?

Taken together, several important metrics present a compelling argument for continued work in developing opportunities for all students at George Washington High School

  • After undergoing an intensive community-led strategic planning process in 2014 that introduced numerous new initiatives, it is time for our community to review the progress and impact of this work, identify where a shift in strategy may be necessary, and define new goals for the future of George Washington High School.
  • Significant strides have been made to broaden access to advanced academic programs at George Washington High School, yet our student body is not represented in proportional measure across our programs.
  • Students at George Washington High School have expressed the expectation that their leaders take action to unite their school in culture and spirit. In short, student outcomes, the achievement gap, and the college and career readiness demands make significant advancement at George Washington High School an economic and moral imperative.
  • After a period of declining enrollment resulting from the opening of new schools, enrollment has stabilized at George Washington High School and now we would like to expand our efforts to deliberately increase our enrollment.

Guiding Principles

As GW continues the work of prioritizing our efforts and determining how we measure success, we affirm that:

  • EVERY child has talent and potential,
  • Our diversity is a community treasure, and EQUITY is the core of our mission
  • We CAN and WILL eliminate the achievement gap,
  • We must dramatically ACCELERATE the progress we’ve made by investing more in what is working and embracing innovation,
  • Every family deserves CHOICE and ACCESS to high quality schools in their neighborhood, and
  • Our kids need ALL of us – educators, families, community partners and staff – and together, we are Team DPS.

The One George Vision

GW provides a challenging, rigorous education that will prepare all students for success in college and career, while focusing on equitable student supports.

GW is an engaged community that honors and respects a broad range of perspectives and voices to maintain our focus on all students.

GW’s student enrollment across academic programs mirrors the diverse student population that makes this school a unique and treasured learning environment.

GW is a unified school with great opportunities and multiple, high-quality offerings for students, from a strong International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to a wide range of Advanced Placement courses, CareerConnect programs, and Concurrent Enrollment opportunities.

GW is a strong neighborhood school that appeals to and attract all students in our boundary, as well as students from other parts of Denver.

Get Involved

To learn more or get involved in this important community process, please reach out to the co-chairs listed below: