P3 Celebrates Volunteer Engagement at George

P3 Celebrates Volunteer Engagement at George
May 3, 2018 GWHS

P3 Celebrates Volunteer Engagement at George

Last night, George parent and community member volunteers gathered with GW administrative leaders for tributes, toasts, and a few tears to celebrate and reflect on another year of exciting work at GW.

In a few short years, volunteer leadership at George has grown significantly. Hundreds of volunteers come to George frequently to support students, programs, and events. Volunteer groups include the CSC, IB Foundation, Be Inspired Fund Committee, Principal Advisory Group, P3 Advisory Team, Speech & Debate, Patriot Pairs, IB Parent Association, Life After George, Food Pantry/Student Assistance, and GW Grounds Committee.

Six volunteers were honored with the Patriot Prize for outstanding volunteer leadership at the P3 Celebrations event. They include:

Lisa Emerson, Barb DeSarro, and Lee Ann Huntington for leading the GW Grounds Committee and Go Green Day. Their leadership has resulted in the beautification of the school grounds by planting 95 trees, transforming the planting beds around the school, planting an orchard, transforming the north entrance with a gateway, planting beds and lighting, installing a community garden, and transforming the pool wall by planting tall Kentucky Coffee trees.

Isabel Suarez for campaigning for inclusion and accessible education opportunities for all GW students and families. Her recent leadership and support of the GW Culture Fest is one of many examples that attest to her efforts to promote inclusion, awareness, and cultural competency for our community.

Shelly Sibelius and Martha Byers for creating Life After George in collaboration with the GW Success Center. Life After George involved training 20 parent volunteers to meet one-on-one with all GW sophomores and juniors to work on Naviance, review a Career Survey, build a resume, receive guidance on courses of study and academic support opportunities, and reflect on student goals and aspirations during and after high school.

Finally, P3 honored and thanked Principal Scott Lessard for encouraging and embracing volunteer engagement at George. His leadership embodies the P3 mission to advocate for the success of GW students and families by being welcoming and inclusive. With more volunteers rolling up their sleeves engage at GW, Mr. Lessard’s legacy of inclusion will continue to grow and thrive.