Patriot Alumni Share Advice About Life After George

Patriot Alumni Share Advice About Life After George
January 24, 2019 GWHS

Patriot Alumni Share Advice About Life After George

The annual GW Patriot Alumni Panel, which took place on January 9, brought together 2017 and 2018 George graduates who shared their post-secondary perspectives on the pros and cons of college life. All the student panelists were excellent representatives of George, their colleges and universities, and themselves. The information they passed along was spot-on and valuable to all who attended.  Our panelists – including three collegiate athletes who joined via video, available to watch HERE – shared the following tips:

  • To prepare for college while still in high school, learn to balance many commitments and take advantage of opportunities to connect with your teachers.
  • Take advantage of all in-school opportunities for college prep and help with the application process. Seek information about scholarships. Use Naviance and the GW Future Center.
  • Think ahead in your course planning in high school if you are confident in your intended area of college study/interest. All GW academic pathways will prepare you.
  • Your parents’ role in cheering you on is essential.
  • When selecting a college that is a good fit for you, consider similarities between yourself and other students who have chosen schools that are good fits. Pay attention to the vibe of a school.
  • Time management both for academic and social life AND the ability to effectively advocate for yourself are important skills for college. Solid writing skills and a strong work ethic are vital, too.
  • Adjusting to college is very normal, but it is not easy. Finding balance in college is essential.
  • Take advantage of the mental health services at your college. Healthy habits including sleep, diet and exercise, and spiritual life are also important.
  • Social media is deceptive; beware of believing that everyone else has a perfect life of fun in college.
  • Being able to say no is important. Make friends with those who respect you and your time.

In summary, the Panelists reminded us that each student has a unique pathway to success during and after high school, and that everyone can strive for their dreams with determination, effort, and resilience. Well-done to the GW Alumni Panelists, and special thanks to Ms. Jasmine Rainey in the GW Future Center for leading the conversation.

Students and parents, plan to attend the January 2020 Patriot Alumni Panel. It is not to be missed!