Patriot Pairs Freshman Mentees Receive Graphing Calculators

Patriot Pairs Freshman Mentees Receive Graphing Calculators
September 19, 2018 GWHS

Patriot Pairs Freshman Mentees Receive Graphing Calculators

For the fifth year in a row, all freshman Patriot Pairs mentees received graphing calculators courtesy of the Nathan Yip Foundation and Friends of Nate. Graphing calculators are essential for success in high school math and our mentees are very grateful for the opportunity to have their own graphing calculators to keep at home and use for their homework. This will also offer them the opportunity to become comfortable with this tool that is useful in learning math concepts and in getting good scores on the SAT.

Nathan Yip was a DPS student who, during college, was killed in a tragic automobile accident. His parents have taken this tragedy and used it for good by creating a foundation to help students in Colorado and China. We are grateful for their continued support of the George Washington High School Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program. It was great to have Executive Director Tarika Cefkin and Friends of Nate Board Members Jing Bao and Alan Frosh join us for the first period presentation of the calculators to the students. It was fun to watch Ms. Bao experience her first visit to an American high school and hear the ways in which it greatly differed from high schools in China. We also would like to thank GW’s Mr. Bolz for using his planning period to teach our freshmen how to use their graphing calculators and to appreciate the power of their new academic tools.

Excited Freshmen Receiving Their Calculators

Kids Opening Calculators

Mr. Boltz and studetnts

Mr. Bolz Teaching How to Use Calculators

Nathan Yip People

So Focused

Students and Calculators

Trying out Calculators

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Whole Group

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