Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program Mentors

Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program Mentors
October 12, 2016 GWHS

Every week, over 50 community members meet with first generation college-bound GW students to offer them advice and encouragement. The Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program is in its third year of operation at GW, and every year it helps more students make the most of their time at GW and plan for the future.  Freshmen and sophomores meet with their mentors on Wednesday mornings during the first period block day, a convenient time for mentors who work, and juniors meet with their mentors at lunch on Fridays.

You can read about the program on the Patriot Pairs website. For more information on how to get involved, or if you know a student who needs a mentor, contact Caren Press ( And if you know any of these community members who are volunteering their time to help our students succeed, give them a big thank you!

  • Jamie Armatas
  • Kim Benson
  • Sharon Berthrong
  • Vince Bowen
  • Connie Brakken-Smith
  • Jean Brennan
  • Steve Brown
  • Linda Champney
  • Barbara Chin
  • Jay Clapper
  • Diane Deschanel
  • Carole Duncan
  • Lisa Emerson
  • Gary Emrich
  • Lauren Engle
  • Debbie Fagan
  • Alexander Francis
  • Deb Frazier
  • Linda Fuller
  • John Gardner
  • Chaundra Glenn
  • Ty Halasz
  • Cathy Holland
  • Regina Jackson
  • John Kelty
  • Mike Kephart
  • Kathy Kilmer
  • Alex Kwan
  • Pam Leder
  • Mariah Lehnert
  • Claudia Luna-asturias
  • Maggie Miller
  • Peter Peterson
  • Gordon Phair
  • Sheri Raders
  • Karen Rutledge
  • Richard Sandstrom
  • Taye Sanford
  • Richard Sawdey
  • John Kelty
  • Geeta Sharma
  • Rodney Smith
  • Rebekah Spetnagel
  • Bob Thomson
  • Beth Vagle
  • Jill Van de Water
  • Lynn Vanderwielen
  • Lauren Walker
  • Lisabeth Warshafsky
  • Melody Williams


2016 End of Year Group Photo

Mentor and Mentees on Panel