Patriot Powers Company Spotlight – Ms. Susana Cordova

Patriot Powers Company Spotlight – Ms. Susana Cordova
October 26, 2016 GWHS

This week’s Patriot Powers Partner Spotlight comes from a very special guest, DPS Assistant Superintendent Susana Cordova. Ms. Cordova is a proud DPS graduate who models the Patriot Powers daily to a wide variety of audiences. We cannot thank her enough for taking the time to define the Patriot Powers for the George Washington High School community. If you would like to learn more about Patriot Powers, contact Gideon Geisel ( or fill out your own survey to be a Patriot Power Partner HERE.

Professionalism: We generally call professionalism “accountability”. It means we follow through on our promises and do what we say we will do. This can mean being on time all the way up to being responsible for our outcomes.

Attitude: It looks like people willing to take the extra steps to create excellence by always putting students first.

Communication: Good Communication is proactive, clear, direct, and focused on solving problems. It’s initiated by anyone in the system- top down and bottom up. It’s written, verbal, digital, and accessible to all.