Patriot Powers Company Spotlight

Patriot Powers Company Spotlight
September 12, 2016 GWHS

As part of our effort to emphasize the importance of Soft Skill proficiency for our students in creating a plan for life after high school, we will begin highlighting companies and how Patriot Powers look in their environment.

It brings great pleasure to introduce Doug Gertner. Doug is GW parent and Founder and Principal of Workplace Seminars and Solutions and has made a career of developing and working with Soft Skills across many, many different professional and educational environments. As a business owner, teacher and father, Doug has taken the time to define our Patriot Powers of the month.

Professionalism: These must be spelled out in clear, behavioral terms. It’s never enough to merely instruct someone to ‘be/act professionally.’ Rather, an on-boarding and orientation process must spell out clear expectations, how to meet these, and what consequences result from missing the mark.

Attitude: I am sole proprietor and this is very good for my attitude as I do not answer to anyone up the org chart; the freedom of working for myself means a great attitude most all of the time.

Please continue to have conversations with your student about their plan for life after high school and what professionalism and attitude mean to them. One short conversation now can have a big impact down the road. If you are interested in defining Patriot Powers, please do so below or contact Gideon Geisel at

Patriot Powers in the Workplace