Spirit Swag Supports Be Inspired and GW Sports

Spirit Swag Supports Be Inspired and GW Sports
January 24, 2019 GWHS

Spirit Swag Supports Be Inspired and GW Sports

The GW Be Inspired Fund will be selling spirit swag, including small face tattoos, green and white beads, and pompoms at upcoming winter sports events. The effort is intended to help raise awareness for the Be Inspired Fund and support GW sports teams.

“It was fun to sell spirit swag at last week’s Pack the House event for the Girls’ Swim and Dive meet,” says GW parent Lisa Seaman. “Fans showed their support by purchasing the $1 to $2 items to help cheer on the swimmers and divers.”

Funds raised will be split evenly between the sports teams and the Be Inspired Fund. The spirit swag will be sold at upcoming sports events, including Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball and wrestling. Look for specific dates in upcoming Weekly Roundup announcements.

The new GW Be Inspired Fund provides support for George Washington students in five main areas – classroom enrichment, student assistance and food pantry, teacher/student mini-grants, building improvements and community outreach. The funds are being invested to help enrich the student experience. For more information on the GW Be Inspired Fund, click HERE. If you are inspired to make a donation supporting GW’s efforts to enhance the overall education experience at GW, please click HERE.

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