Grading Policies

George Washington Grading Practices

Purpose of a Gradebook:

  • Provide feedback to student for self-evaluation
  • Information for parents on the academic achievement of their students
  • Guidance for teachers for instructional planning, re-teaching, and interventions
  • Data to plan for student matriculation, retention, and future coursework

Grading Practices

  • All teachers will use continuous grading
  • Grades will consist of Process and Product grades (40/60, 50/50, 60/40)
    • Process – homework, labs, classwork, participation (with a rubric), warms-ups, exit tickets, quizzes
    • Product – assessments, projects, essays, final performance
  • All individual assignment weights =1; the more important an assignment, the higher the point value
  • Total points possible for the entire semester (250-1000 total points)
  • There will be consistency regarding assignment names with the grades associated with these assignments in Infinite Campus and Schoology, Edmodo or any other electronic assignment submission software program.
  • There will be a minimum of one posted grade per week, per section, per student
  • Grades will be posted to Eligibility by 10:00 AM each Monday morning.
  • All grades will be posted in Infinite Campus within five school/business days of the assignment’s due date for typical daily assignments and within ten days for major assignments such as essays, projects, and research papers. The expected “posting” date should be communicated to students/parents.
  • All student work due within three weeks of assignment
  • Any accepted late work will be graded within 10 days.
  • All assignments in the grade book will have a grade or notation entered, i.e. (M) missing, (L) late. There will not be “blank” values.
  • Teachers will use “M” to denote missing grades
  • Students will receive a Zero for cheating
  • Teachers will, when possible, enter assignment due dates into the IC grade book in advance.
  • Teachers will have a minimum of two documented communications with a parent of a student who is failing.
  • Grading “points earned” will be well communicated and balanced over the course of the semester.
  • Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery in lieu of extra credit (except for mid-term and final exams).