Support GW’s Food Pantry

Support GW’s Food Pantry
April 20, 2020 GWHS

GW’s Food Pantry needs help from people shopping at Sam’s Club and Costco. As a reminder – we don’t want you going out shopping on a special trip for us. Only get extra if you have to go already. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Home.

The food pantry is currently supporting over thirty families with bi-weekly food deliveries. While they have a number of gift cards to distribute to families to support weekly grocery costs, the pantry is running low on actual food items

If you are going to Costco or Sam’s Club in the upcoming weeks, can you pick up one of the following?

  • sets / boxes of pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • sets of tuna or canned chicken
  • box sets of Mac & Cheese
  • box of oatmeal packets
  • ramen soup cases
  • canned soup
  • canned veggies
  • canned fruit
  • canned beans

Additionally, any gift cards for $20 are appreciated but not as critical as food product.

Please contact to coordinate socially distant drop-off/pick-up of these items.

Thank you for the consideration and help procuring food.