Weekly Roundup February 9

Weekly Roundup February 9
February 9, 2021 GWHS

Our School Leadership Team is finalizing the Q3 calendar tomorrow, and we will be sharing a full update tomorrow afternoon that will include adjustments for next week (there is no school on Monday, February 15 or Tuesday, February 16), as well as Q3 finals during the week of March 8.

DPS has partnered with Children’s Hospital Colorado to vaccinate staff members. With a focus on equity and highest need, DPS has established a priority order that is based on the percentage of a school’s enrollment that qualifies for free or reduced-price meals (FRL). The vaccination schedule will be ordered based on FRL enrollment, starting with the highest-percentage schools.

Days when schools are scheduled to have their staff vaccinated will become asynchronous-learning days for students and a remote-work day for staff when they are not receiving their vaccine. We do not know GW’s vaccination dates yet, but when we do we will share them with you immediately.

Wednesday Teacher Office Hours are being simplified! Teachers will be online from 12:00pm – 3:00pm under a nicknamed Google Meet. The nickname follows the structure of:

  • GWS3 + teacherlastname

So for example, if you were going to attend Ms. Smiths office hours, you would use the nickname GWS3Smith

You must be logged into your dpsk12.net account to access these meetings. To access these office hours, go to meet.google.com and enter the meeting name for the teachers you want to visit. Some teachers will be hosting AP/IB test prep, so be sure to check in with them for more specifics!

Juniors: we will offer the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) in Science on Wednesday, April 7 at GWHS. This 11th grade science assessment is aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards, which are statewide expectations of what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade.

While this test is important for data and instructional purposes, we understand that families may decide they do not want to come in-person to participate in CMAS testing this year due to COVID-19 (there is no remote option offered for CMAS). If you choose to opt out, you must fill out the opt out form located in the Parent Portal under the Academics tab by clicking on the link for “Complete Assessment Opt-Out Form.” Instructions are also linked HERE. This form is available for both students learning in-person and those learning in the virtual program. Please complete this form no later than February 26 as this information is vital to our planning process.

If you are a virtual student in Cohort C and wish to participate in CMAS testing, please email Emily_Hunter@dpsk12.org before February 26.

When taking the Colorado School Day SAT on April 13, 2021, 11th grade students will have the option of taking the SAT with or without the essay. Adding the essay to their SAT registration is a student choice.

The default registration for all students is the SAT without essay. Students who wish to take the optional essay must register for it in advance between January 18 through February 16, 2021. This will be the only opportunity for students who wish to take the optional essay to add it to their April School Day SAT registration. Students may add the essay to their registration through their online College Board account or by calling the College Board. Additional Information:

  • The SAT Essay is scored separately from the SAT. A student’s score on the essay will not improve or reduce their score on the SAT.
  • The essay may be required by some colleges and universities. To find out a particular school’s essay policies click HERE.
  • Instructions are linked here (in English and Spanish) are attached to guide the student registration process.

We are pleased to offer interested Class of 2022 students access to a 60-hour self paced SAT Preparation course using the district’s Edgenuity online learning system. Successful completion of the course during the Spring term will result in receiving 5 elective credits on your transcript. Please sign up using this link (must be logged into your dpsk12.net account) and next steps and course details will be emailed to your DPS Google account. Please contact Mr. Geisel (gideon_geisel@dpsk12.net) if you need additional information.

Looking for your perfect college? Have you considered a Historically Black College or University? Then this is for you! February 25 during ILB3 and ILB4 you will have an opportunity to learn about HBCUs! A panel of current HBCU students, HBCU alumni, HBCU admission representatives, and GW alumni will be on hand to share perspective and answer your questions. If you are a:

  • Senior not yet committed to a college
  • Junior creating your college application list
  • Sophomore getting ready to begin the college search process
  • Freshman gathering information on colleges
  • Not sure if college is right for you
  • Curious about HBCUs

Click HERE to access the livestream on the 25th! You must be logged in with your dpsk12.net account to access.

Completion of your ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) is one of the requirements for graduating from a DPS school. Students will need to complete every question for each of the four years of high school.

At GW we believe that planning for the future is important for every student. Identifying career goals early can help you select courses and other activities throughout high school, as well as provide a motivational force and purpose to your education. Even if your goals change over the years (yes, they likely will!) keeping your eye on the future will help you continue to move forward toward a successful future.

Ideally, you will have conversations with your counselor/advisor about most of the items covered in your ICAP throughout the school year. Given our virtual world this year, we are asking you to also talk to your parents/guardians and other family members or adults who can help provide insight and guidance as you complete your ICAP.

If you know the answers to the questions in your ICAP, feel free to answer them all and be done! Remember, if you need help ask for it! Feel free to reach out to your counselor/advisor if you have questions or need help with your ICAP.

Accessing Your ICAP: You can find explanations, guidance, and resources that are helpful in completing your ICAP on your Schoology group “Class of ____”. Your ICAP is accessed through Student Portal:

  • Log on to your portal, and click on the button for “My ICAP Plan”. (This is a menu option if you’re using the app).
  • Answer the questions on the Personal Information tab and click “Save Responses”.
  • Then click on the “Current Plan” tab to access the questions for your current grade in school. (If you are in grades 10-12, you can ensure you have completed your ICAP for previous years by clicking on the “Historical Plans” tab).
  • Make sure that you “Save Responses” when you are finished so you don’t lose any work!

Who Is My Advisor?
Alea Griffin | alea_griffin@dpsk12.net
Angela Bautista | angela_bautista@dpsk12.net

Grades 10-12
Last Names A – Gh | Khari Wallace | khari_wallace@dpsk12.net
Last Names Gi – O | Sarah Ozee | sarah_ozee@dpsk12.net
Last Names P – Z | Michelle Wellman | michelle_wellman@dpsk12.net

Rock it Sock it Sock Drive will take place from now through February 25. The Comitis Crisis Center is on a mission to donate 3,000 socks and travel size toiletries. These donations will go direction to families in need. Drop off your donated socks and travel-size toiletries at GW campus. There is a drop off box right inside the doors in the North Lobby. Questions? Contact Abigail Boyd at 798349@dpsk12.net.

Sign up for this year’s all-school winter chess tournament! We welcome all ability levels. Tournament format will be include two rounds of Round Robin tournaments. Top finishers will win gift cards in the amounts of $15, $20, and $25. Please register by Thursday, February 12 by clicking HERE. The tournament will begin the following Monday. Chess Club meets every Tuesday after school at 3:10 pm and every Friday during lunch in THIS GOOGLE MEET.

Want to learn a sport of a lifetime? Make new friends and become a part of a great group of ladies. Join the girls golf team, play against other DPS high schools at different courses around the city. No experience necessary and we have clubs for you if you need them. Contact Coach Rieber at rieber.cd@gmail.com or Natalie Brammer at nbrammer@abrammer.com. We will get in touch with more information and to schedule a Google meet for the whole team.

Volleyball is set to begin March 8. If you’re interested in playing sign up HERE and make sure you have a current sports physical. More information will be forthcoming and you will need to fill out more registration information before tryouts.

GW has a new online store where you can buy new Patriot apparel. Check out our website by clicking HERE. We will be adding new merchandise throughout the year, so be sure to check often for your favorite new look. Be sure to also follow us on Instagram @deca_gw for the latest apparel updates and special events.

This week in Black History Month let’s focus some notable political firsts. According to the United States Senate records there are many notable African American/Black Senators who have accomplished a “first” or some sort.

  • Hiram Revels – 1st Black person to serve as U.S. Senator in 1870.
  • Blanche K. Bruce – 1st elected Black Senator by the Mississippi state legislature in 1874.
  • Edward Brooke – 1st Black Senator to win by popular vote, serving 2 terms, 1967 – 1979.
  • Carol Moseley Braun – 1st Black woman elected to serve as a U.S. Senator, in 1993. She was also appointed U.S ambassador to New Zealand.
  • Barack Obama – was the 5th Black person to serve as a U.S. Senator; but the 1st Black Senator to become President of the United States, serving 2 terms as President.
  • Tim Scott – 1st Black Senator to represent a southern state since reconstruction in 2014.
  • William “mo” Cowan – appointment to the U.S. Senate, marked the 1st time two Black Senators held office at the same time, 2013.
  • Cory Booker – 1st Black person elected to represent New Jersey as a U.S. Senator, in 2013.
  • Kamala D. Harris – 1st Black person to represent California in the U.S. Senate (2017) and the 1st black and female elected as Vice President of the United States (2020).
  • Raphael G. Warnock – 1st Black person to represent the state of Georgia in the U.S. Senate.

As always, you are encouraged to seek out information regarding how African Americans/Blacks have helped to shape the United States.

Transferring the power of knowledge,
Michelle Quattlebaum

On February 17 at 12:00pm join the DPS Prevention Services team and Levi Arithson for a high-level review of LGBTQ+ policies in Denver Public Schools, why LGBTQ+ inclusive schools create more equitable schools for all students, and what you can do in your home and community to support LGBTQ+ youth. Register HERE.

The mission of the District Accountability Committee (DAC) is to assist in the improvement of Denver Public Schools by advising the Board of Education on the adequacy and cost effectiveness of educational programs and policies. The DAC is open to DPS parents, staff, and community members who are interested in the improvement of our schools and assure that Every Child Succeeds.

DAC Benefits:

  • Insight into key district initiatives
  • Networking opportunities with other community leaders
  • Opportunity to provide recommendations directly to the Board of Education

For more information click HERE. Applications due by March 5, 2021. Click HERE to apply. If you have questions email Nelvis_Alvarez@dpsk12.org or call 720-423-3135.

Affinity Group Workshops has made improvements based on community feedback. Here are the details:

  • Affinity Groups will meet as one under FCRE Workshops
  • Meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of the month 5:30pm – 7:00pm
    • 5:30 – 6:00pm meet and greet
    • 6:00 – 7:00pm informative session
  • Featured guest presenters
  • Call-To-Action Initiative (Goal Setting)
  • Community Building

These changes were a result of your feedback. Your voice matters!

While our goal is to make the information FCRE Workshops presents relevant for the community, there are some things that will not change.

  • Affinity Groups will be used during breakout sessions when beneficial
  • Registration for workshops
  • Participation is a key element
  • This is a safe and courageous space to share your truth
  • All voices will be honored
  • Engagement in difficult conversations to gain understanding
  • Learn, grow, and support each other
  • Student excellence is why we are engaging and collaborating

Remember, life begins where your comfort zone ends. When will you begin living?

February 24th Registration 
March 24th Registration
April 28th Registration
May 26th Registration