Weekly Roundup March 17

Weekly Roundup March 17
March 17, 2021 GWHS

New guidance from Denver Health (along with existing guidance from CDPHE) has made it possible for more students to spend time together in class and across cohorts (the groups of students who are in classrooms together), as well as for adults to support more students.

After spring break, starting April 6, all in-person students will attend afternoon ILB four days a week. However, much of our virtual faculty will remain virtual through the end of the school year. Students are still able to remain home on the days that they only have ILBs with virtual teachers. If you would like to change your learning environment option, please click HERE. You do not need to do anything if you would like your learning option to remain the same.

We are now able to offer curricular clubs and activities. Groups will be limited to 25 in-person participants and students may choose only one club/extra-curricular activity in which to participate. Club sponsors will be communicating with club members this week about in-person options that will begin after Spring Break. Students participating in in-person clubs or activities must be signed up for in-person learning. To change your student’s learning option, please click HERE. You do not need to do anything if you would like your learning option to remain the same.

When we return from Spring Break students will begin the process of choosing classes for next year. On April 6 our Academic Advisors will present to students during Community Learning Seminar. They will provide an overview of the Choice of Studies process and distribute the digital course catalog. On Thursday, April 8, we will host a virtual Choice of Studies fair during Community Learning where students will be able to ask teachers about courses for next year. On Friday, April 9, the course request forms will open. Forms are due on April 16. Advisors will be hosting regular office hours throughout this whole process and will consult with students about their options for the ’21-’22 school year.

Attention current sophomores! It is time for you to be thinking about your classes for next year, which includes the opportunity to participate in the IB Diploma Program.

The IB Diploma Program provides an international education where young people become better equipped to handle and manage the complexities of the world. The Diploma Program challenges students and prepares them for today’s rapidly evolving world with an emphasis on the development of skills rather than mere memorization of content, including effective communication and critical thinking. GW students can participate in the full diploma program or just take individual IB classes. Check out the virtual info sessions below to learn more!

Student Info Sessions:

Parent Info Sessions:

Please reach out to Richard_Maez@dpsk12.net with any questions!

Thank you to our students, families, and staff for taking the time to share feedback with DPS throughout the year. The feedback DPS receives informs upcoming district level decisions for student learning during COVID-19. In addition, school level survey results are playing a role in your school level continuous improvement efforts. Like prior surveys, the purpose of the March surveys is to understand how academic and social-emotional learning are going, to understand what supports are needed, to progress monitor data for crisis priorities and district strategies, and to plan for next school year. This new survey survey also gives students, community members and team members the chance to share thoughts about the search for DPS’s next superintendent. The student and community surveys will be administered March 10 through March 24 (students) and through March 26 for team members and community members. All students in grades 3-12 and team members will receive an email to their dpsk12.net account on March 10 to complete the survey.

Do you have a message or story that you want to share with the world? #letstalkaboutitGW is a new, student-led, speaking event at George. Help organize and lead what we hope to become a GW tradition!

#letstalkaboutitGW is a platform for you to share your story and ideas with the GW community and will help you learn organizational skills that will benefit you in the future and on college applications.

If you want to grow, share, and be involved, click THIS LINK and sign up either to be a part of the organizational team, or to be a speaker. You can be both! We are actively organizing, so join now!

You voted on your favorite design and they are now available for purchase! Visit the Patriot Shop website to order your new GW shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie. These designs will be available until March 26th. Your purchases not only help us build a bigger and better school store, but also continue to represent George in the larger community! Click HERE to order.

Patriots, want to show off your talents? GW is hosting a virtual concert that will stream on April 9th. Video submissions are due March 19th. Please submit your information HERE!

Planting season is just around the corner! St. Patty’s day is said to be the perfect time to plant peas! You can also plant lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, beets any time now.

The garden still has several plots available. Contact Lisa Emerson (lemerson8@msn.com) if you are interested. Compost will be ordered and delivered in the next two weeks.

People love gardening for many different reasons. In addition to the quiet time, fresh fruits and veggies, and physical work, the GWHS Community Garden also benefits the community by contributing directly to the cafeteria so that students can enjoy fresh local produce daily.

GWHS grow club will be having their plant sale again this spring, so plan to purchase your seedlings from the students. They will be selling tomato (heirloom and hybrid), pepper, eggplant, basil and herb seedlings. They have some very fun varieties this year, including “Berkeley Tie-Dye Green” and “Brad’s Atomic Grape” tomatoes so look for more info on this!

The Denver Covid Equity Council looks to address health disparities in Covid response and have increased vaccine sites in areas that are the hardest hit with COVID-19. We wanted to share information about some new vaccination sites that families may want to use, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Rec Center. Call 720-865-3005 to make an appointment. Note, you do NOT need an ID to get the vaccine at these sites. Appointments are required.