Math and World Language Placement

Math and World Language Placement

The process detailed below has worked well for GW, however we recognize that we are living and learning in extraordinary circumstances right now. We will offer a placement confirmation assessment for both math and world language during Ninth Grade Academy for anybody who feels they may have been mis-placed as a result of challenges associated with remote learning.


We will place students into a math class based on the math class in which they are currently enrolled and/or teacher recommendation.

If you are currently enrolled in:

  • 8th Grade Algebra – you will most likely be enrolled in Integrated Math 1, with an option to earn honors credit by completing enrichment opportunities to deepen your mastery of concepts learned in this course.
  • 8th Grade Algebra Honors – you will most likely be enrolled in Integrated Math 2 Honors.
  • Geometry (or its equivalent) – you will most likely be enrolled in IB Math.

If you are hoping to be placed in a different math class then listed here, or if you are currently taking a math class higher than Geometry, please email our Mathematics department chair, Joseph Bolz (, so that we can ensure correct placement. If you are interested in the full listing of math courses we offer, please click HERE.

If you attend a private or out-of-district school, please forward the form linked below to your math teacher asking them to submit a recommendation for your math placement.

If you attend a DPS middle school your teacher will automatically send us your recommendation based on the 8th grade math assessment that is administered by DPS. However, if you are currently in advanced math and believe that you should be in IB Math or higher, please send your teacher the recommendation form as well.

LINK: Math Teacher Recommendation Form


We encourage students to take two or more years of a world language, especially if they would like to attend a four year college. While it is not a graduation requirement, taking a world language is a fantastic way to expand your world views and perspectives.

If you have already taken one or more years of a world language, we will place you into a higher level based on number of years you’ve taken the language and/or a placement interview. On your course request form we will ask students to provide the number of years they’ve been studying the world language. We will use this information along with placement interviews to place students in higher levels of Spanish and French.


Our World Language teachers are hosting virtual placement interviews on Wednesdays between now and May 19. If you indicated that you have previously taken a world language and needed a placement, please register for an interview time by clicking below.

All interviews will take place via Google Meets. When you register for an interview time, a Google Meet calendar invite will automatically be sent to your email with a Google Meet link.

To register, click on one of the links below. This will take you to a Google Calendar page with time slots for interviews between 11:00am – 12:00pm on Wednesdays. Select one of the slots to sign up. If there are no time slots showing, that means there are none available on that day.

LINK: French Placement Interview Signup
LINK: Spanish Placement Interview Signup