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Choice of Studies Process

Course selection for incoming 9th graders opens on April 9, 2021 and requests are by due April 16, 2021. If you submit your course requests by this deadline we guarantee you will be able to take the level of core content you requested. Electives are not guaranteed since we give upperclassmen first choice on these classes.

If we receive your course requests after the April 16 deadline we will do everything we can to accommodate the level of core content you have requested, but we cannot guarantee availability.


  • DPS Student ID Number (if you are new to DPS and don’t know your number yet, don’t worry! We will still be able to process your course requests)

Read through the course catalog HERE and note the classes available to freshmen. All freshmen are required to take seven courses. Students will need to select the following:

  • English course
  • Math course (we will place you based on 8th grade math course or teacher recommendation)
  • Social Studies course
  • Science course
  • World Language (optional)
  • 3 electives in preference order

If you have questions about classes or academics, please use THIS FORM to submit your questions and an advisor will be reaching out with an answer or to set up a time for a meeting.