Frequently Asked Questions

What is Welcome Fest?

Welcome Fest is a chance for us to officially welcome you to our Patriot family. You will have the opportunity to take a tour of the school, meet teachers, receive class supply lists, pick up summer homework, and get your class t-shirt. Welcome Fest is April 14, 2016 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm

What are the DPS graduation requirements?

DPS graduation requirements can be found by clicking HERE.

What are Honors/PB courses?

Honors/Pre-Baccalaureate courses are accelerated courses with rigorous expectations. You may take as many or as few Honors/PB courses as you are comfortable with. If you are planning on entering the IB program in 11th grade it is highly recommended to take all Honors/PB courses in order to be properly prepared for the rigor of the IB program.

Is a world language required for graduation?

No, but it is recommended to take two consecutive years of the same foreign language to be considered college ready. However, it is required for the IB Diploma Programme. 

What if I get in a class that I don’t like? Can I change my schedule?

There are no schedule changes during the first week of fall semester. During the second week of fall semester you are able to make a request for a schedule change for the following reasons:

  • Scheduled for the same class twice
  • Missing a core class: Math, Science, English, Social Studies
  • Wrong level of class

Schedules are not changed for teacher preference or to accommodate friend preference. Students must follow the schedule they were given until they receive a new schedule from their counselor.

What classes must be on my schedule as a freshman?

Math , English, Social Studies, Science, an advisory option, and two electives. All freshmen are required to have seven classes.

Can students take more than one world language?

Yes, however there may be conflicts with required courses. It is important to note that if you choose to enter the IP program, that you can only test in one world language. 

Do students have to take PE?

Yes, one year of PE is a requirement to graduate from DPS. If you play sports you can waiver out of the PE requirement – one full sport season played at DPS is required to exempt a student from 5 credit hours, and must be eligible throughout all of the season and pay all fees. 

  • No grade or credit will be given for athletic exemptions
  • Cheerleading will not qualify for this PE Waiver according to CHSAA

What counts as a PE credit?

Dance, ROTC, or any named PE classes in catalogue.

Do all freshmen have to take an advisory class?

Yes, but there are many options that count for Advisory:

  • Freshman Seminar
  • AVID (requires application)
  • Patriot Pairs(requires application)
  • High School of Business

Are freshmen allowed to leave campus during lunch?

9th and 10th graders are not permitted to leave campus. There are many opportunities for students to enjoy lunch in the cafeteria, Pikes Peak lobby, the outside courtyard, and teacher classrooms.

When is the first day of school?

The first day of school for freshmen is August 22, 2016!