Academic Programs

Academic Programs

We offer a variety of academic offerings to ensure that all students are prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Our faculty and staff stand united in the commitment to provide outstanding opportunities for all students to seek a future of unlimited potential. All students graduate with a Personalized Education Plan, setting them on their desired path toward the future. All students are expected to challenge themselves and achieve their personal best through the academic offerings listed below.

GW offers a wide range of standard level courses that will prepare students for success in college and/or career without remediation at a variety of post-secondary institutions, including community colleges, trade schools, and some four year colleges.

These rigorous courses are for underclassmen who are ready to accept the challenge of academic rigor and demanding expectations. These courses are open to all students at George who have: a passion for learning, persistence, and a strong work ethic; grade level or above scores in reading and/or math; a strong record of academic performance – above average overall grades and challenge classes; and regular attendance. We encourage students to take Honors/PB courses in subjects for which they have demonstrated aptitude. For students wishing to enroll in the IB Diploma Programme in grade 11, we strongly recommend that you take the full complement of Honors/PB courses in grades 9 and 10 to be properly prepared. Students taking one or more Honors/PB courses must sign Expectation of Rigor Agreement.

We offer 22 Advanced Placement courses at George in all of our core curriculums, as well as the arts. Students successfully completely AP courses will be prepared for success at a wide range of colleges and universities, including selective institutions, depending upon the overall rigor of the student’s program of study, the number of AP courses taken, and the scores earned on AP exams. Students envisioning taking one or more Advanced Placement courses and exams as the focus of their college and career preparation, possibly in conjunction with concurrent enrollment courses and/or other college prep courses offered at George Washington High School, should consider taking Honors/PB courses in related subjects during their Freshman and Sophomore years

As the first Colorado school to offer the IB program, GW continues to attract the top students from throughout Denver Public Schools and the surrounding suburbs. The IB program develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young adults who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. In addition to fulfilling the academic requirements relative to major subject areas, students seeking a nationally-certified IB diploma must also complete a freshmen seminar course and a theory of knowledge course. Students are also required to complete an extended essay and community service requirements.

Students who wish to cap off their college-and-career preparation at George Washington High School with an International Baccalaureate Diploma and who are intending to apply to selective colleges and universities should choose this pathway. Those intending to pursue this pathway in grades 11 and 12 are strongly encouraged to enroll in the full complement of Honors/PB courses in grades 9 and 10. To read about the IB program in detail please click here.

CareerConnect offers students relevant courses while connecting them with partner companies and higher education institutions for hands-on workplace experiences and mentoring. The program equips graduates with high-demand skills and leads to opportunities for continued education and careers in Colorado’s highest-growth, highest-opportunity industries. To read about the CareerConnect program in detail, please click here.