Two students posing with musical instruments

The Fine Arts programs at George Washington High School offer its students the opportunity to enrich their lives and enhance their education through the study, performance, creation, and appreciation of Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Speech and Debate, and Dance. 

Visual Arts

The mission of the Visual Arts department is to teach and equip young people with the ability and skills to creatively problem solve through visual communication. Within this program, they will become resilient in the face of obstacles and empathetic towards others, recognizing that people communicate and work together in a variety of ways. Students may select from a variety of courses, including IB Visual Arts studies. Our curriculum strives to:

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department offers its students the opportunity to engage in coursework (including IB Theater courses) and extracurricular studies. Choir, band, guitar/piano, and theater arts are all offered at various times to students. Our curriculum strives to:

Featured Artist – Elijah Morgan, Grade 12