2024-2025 School Policy Updates

We are already looking forward to welcoming students and families for a successful 2024-2025 school year! We have made some important policy changes for educational and safety purposes that we would like to present in advance. Please review the information below; we will also send reminders of these policy changes in August prior to students’ return to school:

Student Entrance will be allowed only through the Main Lobby (off of Monaco Parkway) or the South Courtyard doors 3(East) or 8(West). This allows us to fully monitor entrances to improve safety.

Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up will be in front of the school (off of Monaco Parkway) or in the Lower South Lot (off of Leetsdale Avenue). The Lower South Lot (off of Leetsdale Avenue) is the recommended lot for drop-off/pick-up to alleviate traffic along Monaco Parkway. If the North Lot is used for drop-off, students will need to enter through door 1 (off of Monaco Parkway), and will not be admitted through the North Lobby. The gate into the North Lot to/from Monaco Parkway will be closed, and Virginia Avenue will be the only access point for the North Lot.

Student Arrival will be no earlier than 7:30am. Students will only be allowed through the Main Lobby entrance (off of Monaco Parkway) or the South Courtyard doors 3(East) or 8(West). Students who arrive between 7:30am and the start of classes must go to the Cafeteria or Pike’s Peak Lobby only; students who are found in other locations in the building will be escorted to one of these two locations. 

Visitors will park in the North Lot, and will be buzzed in through the North Lobby entrance. Visitors may also walk around to the Main Lobby entrance (off of Monaco Parkway). All visitors will be checked in using the Raptor System (which requires a driver’s license to be scanned) to improve safety.

IDs must be worn by all students at all times, and must be presented at all doors upon entry. Students will be provided an ID and lanyard. All lost IDs will be reprinted for $5 per reprint.

Passing Periods between class periods are 6 minutes next year. This allows students time to use the bathroom and get to classes without being tardy. A strict tardy policy will be enforced if students are in the halls during instructional time without a pass. 

Student Parking will be $10 per pass, and $5 for any additional car attached to the pass. Student parking will be in the Lower South Lot (off of Leetsdale Avenue) on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may not park in the North Lot (off of Virginia Avenue); the North Lot parking will be reserved for staff and visitors during school hours (8:00am to 4:00pm). Parking passes must be purchased with cash between Tuesday, August 20 and Friday, August 30 in the Main Office, during lunch or after school.

Thank you for taking the time to review our updated policies. Here’s to a safe and smooth 2024-2025 school year!