Title IX

Overview of Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a national law that guarantees gender equality within all institutions that receive public funding. This protects every person — no matter how they identify — from discrimination based on gender. 

How do I raise a Title IX issue?

Reports can be filed in person or digitally. If a student is made uncomfortable in some way by another student or faculty member, they may raise that issue with any staff member in the building. From there, the staff member is obligated to report said issue to the Assistant Principal  (Najah McFarland). Depending on the assessment of the situation, the Denver Police Department may be contacted. 

Another route the student may take is reporting the issue online. The Denver Public Schools website offers two avenues to file a Title IX report: the concern form and the complaint form. The concern form is a less formal process in which both parties meet with the school’s Title IX team. During the meeting, both perspectives are taken into consideration in order to assess the nature of the situation. A safety plan is then created to ensure the comfort of both parties. This may include (but is not limited to) schedule changes, early dismissal from class, counseling sessions, etc. 

If the issue cannot be resolved via the concern form, a complaint form (formal process) may be filed. This will lead to a Title IX investigation where an investigator will meet with both parties and gather facts about the incident. The decision maker will then determine the validity of the complaint. No matter the decision, a safety plan will be enacted moving forward. Depending on the situation, a police investigation may occur. When this happens, the Title IX investigation is paused until the police investigation is finished.  

For more information and access to the concern/complaint forms visit the Denver Public Schools.

What does Title IX look like at GWHS?

Staff members work in tandem with the student to enact a safety plan. All complainants (people who filed the report) are entitled to supportive measures, whether or not they chose an informal or formal process. 

Flowchart outlining the Title IX process

View the Title IX process.

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