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WHAT IS THE BE INSPIRED FUND? The George Washington High School Be Inspired Fund is a parent-driven fundraising vehicle that aims to provide qualified private support to benefit the school and its students.

The Fund’s mission is to “inspire parents and community members to support George Washington students and faculty with annual funds to enrich the student experience.”

Parents created the Be Inspired Committee in January 2018, which consists of GW faculty, staff, parents and community members. The Be Inspired Fund is supported by Proud Patriot Parents (P3) and operates under the 501(c)3, Patriots Care, Inc. Learn more information about the Be Inspired Policies and Procedures.

(select “Be Inspired Fund” when asked where you want to direct your donation)

HOW WILL BE INSPIRED FUNDS BE ALLOCATED? All money raised by the Be Inspired Fund will be used to:

HOW MUCH MONEY DOES BE INSPIRED RAISE? To date, Be Inspired Fund has raised just over $100,000 and has funded, among other things:

HOW DOES ONE SUBMIT A GRANT REQUEST? George Washington teachers and staff are encouraged to apply for Be Inspired funding. Be Inspired funding priorities are to:

HOW DO I GIVE? We have set up an online donation page with Colorado Gives. Select “Be Inspired Fund” when you are asked where you want to direct your donation. You can also donate via check made out to: PCI/Be Inspired Fund and mail it to the following address:

PCI/Be Inspired Fund
George Washington High School
655 S Monaco Pkwy
Denver, CO 80224

Questions concerning Be Inspired should be directed to: bethannjparsons@gmail.com.