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CareerConnect offers students relevant courses while connecting them with partner companies and higher education institutions for hands-on workplace experiences and mentoring. The program equips graduates with high-demand skills and leads to opportunities for continued education and careers in Colorado’s highest-growth, highest-opportunity industries. Whatever your passion, George Washington CareerConnect will help guide you towards your academic and career goals.


BusinessConnect at George Washington High School is led by Mr. Sam Barotz and Mr. Martin Dyke. The program prepares graduates to become tomorrow’s business leaders. Courses include Principles of Marketing, Accounting, and Business and Marketing Essentials. Students who complete the Business program may have the opportunity to receive college credit and scholarships to four year colleges and universities, as well as industry recognized certifications. Throughout their BusinessConnect journey, students will have opportunities to explore industry through hands-on experiences like participating in DECA, going on CareerX Job Exploration Events, spending a summer interning with Denver’s top companies in CareerLaunch or collaborating with top employers on real challenges in Career Challenge. 


CreativeConnect is led by Ms. Stephanie Krause and Ms. Aimee Butterfield. As a leader in the creative industries, Colorado is the perfect place to connect George Washington High School students with careers in the arts. In this newly state approved program, students will have opportunities to further develop their passions in such courses like Digital Media Foundations, Commercial Photography and Graphic Design and Illustration. Students may even have the opportunity to receive college credit and industry-recognized certifications while working with relevant technology and software programs throughout the year. Students will continually engage with industry professionals through strong Work Based Learning events such as our year long Career Coach professional mentoring cohort or by signing up for a fall, spring or summer Career Launch internship with a top employer. 


STEMConnect is being led by Mr. Michael Goddard. We are seeking state approval and are hoping for an official launch in late spring of 2021. George Washington High School’s STEM Connect program will prepare students for a wide variety of careers including but not limited to software engineers, robotics technicians, IT support and web designers. Students have the opportunity to experience tech jobs in the real world and may have the chance to receive college credit and industry certifications. Course progression includes AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A (which may also serve as a math class). As with all of our Career Connect programming, students will have strong exposure to Work Based Learning opportunities that will keep them engaged with current industry professionals and standards through mentorships, internships, apprenticeships and classroom challenges.